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What to do right after sex

  • Hug her from behind, in the spooning position, and gently kiss her neck. You don't need to talk, I know you're probably not the most talkative guy after sex, but you can send her a love message by just touching her skin gently, blowing the sweat off her shoulder or simply caressing her belly and breasts.

  • If it was your first time trying anal sex, she might be in quite a vulnerable position, because she's not sure whether it was good or not, or if you're satisfied with how things turned out. So if there's something she did that drove you insane in a good way, now's the best time to tell her.

  • After climaxing all your senses are heightened, so if you want to feel really good, light a scented candle that gives off a comforting aroma (for example vanilla or jasmine), and have the remote control to your stereo close buy so that you can press play at the right time.

  • She might want to take a shower afterwards, with all the lubricant flowing around all over her body. In order to show your care, join her and do the washing yourself. Gently shampoo her hair and her intimate areas, especially the back parts, which were most worked up. She'll feel safe and she'll know that you appreciate what she did and don't think bad of her.

What not to do right after sex

  • Complain about anything, especially about the sex you just had. Especially since it's anal sex we are talking about. Even though you didn't like it that much, if you want her to give it a try again, a little white lie wouldn't hurt.

  • Jump out of bed to hit the shower/grab a snack/smoke a cigarette/watch the remaining of the football game. She'll feel like you might have thought about these activities while in bed with her, which means that you weren't connected.

  • Evaluate her performance or compare her with other partners you've had. That's just plain rude and inconsiderate.

What to say to her right after sex

"That was incredibly awesome." You want to know a secret? Women are worried about how they… performed just as much as you. Just like you need reassurance that you did good in the sack, she needs to know if she killed it, or ruined it.

"You've got such a sexy body!" Even though she's sweaty and red faced and tired, and maybe with a little mascara running in the corner of an eye, you need to praise the way she looks after sex. Women are incredibly impressionable and scared about the massive exposure they submitted their bodies to. Lean over to plant a smooch on her stomach and tell her how sexy it is. That's the part of the body women crave most to receive compliments about.

"How are you feeling? Is everything ok?" This shows her that you care for her and your main concern is her state. She'll feel more connected to you after she realizes that you put her needs first.

"Turn around for a second, otherwise I'll want you for another round." A sweet sexy joke like this will relieve all the tension and she'll be her normal self again. Sometimes, right after sex, women tend to feel a little isolated, far away. Your cute line will bring her right back in your arms. Literally and metaphorically.


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