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Position yourself for success

Welcome to Gabrielle Moore's version of mind blowing anal sex positions. It's a tantalizing, fire cracking, and most of all inspiring guide to the most exciting anal sex positions that you have ever hoped for. I present you here some of the most classic backdoor sex configurations, but with my own special spin, as always.

I've compiled them in one single chapter so that you have them at your fingertips whenever you want to try something new and exciting.

If you're like the majority of men, you probably carry at the back of your head a list of certain positions that you return to every time because they're the most likely to guarantee you maximum pleasure and you're most accustomed to them and know the techniques by heart.

But if you always come back to the few that you know correctly, where's the diversity, where's the oomph that takes you higher and higher on the scale of erotic pleasure? Do you want to lurk in routine-based boring sex life? I bet you don't.

And given the fact that we're talking about anal sex, you have to know that not all positions work for this type of sexual activity and some that you might think do, are actually not that suitable and able to give both of you the ecstatic feelings you desire.

Do you want to be the proud owner of a truly satisfying sex life? If your answer is a loud YES, there's only one piece of advice that I have for you: experiment as much as you can, be adventurous, learn and try new things periodically, that's the secret of satisfaction.

Read this pages with your heart and mind open and you'll discover adventurous positions that were designed for maximum pleasure for both you and your girlfriend or wife. You'll thus discover that the sometimes subtle differences between them can introduce brand new sensations, sensations you probably only hoped to achieving, but didn't know how.

So if you're up for the challenge (and I like to think that no man that comes to me for sex advice isn't) this guide can help transform your anal lust life from pleasurable to extraordinary. My epic exotic collection is just a page away! What are you waiting for?

The four basic positions that most couples oblige to when performing anal are ones that I'm sure you are more than familiar with:

  • girl on top (this is probably the most used in this type of endeavor, since it gives the woman full control of movements, rhythm and depth of penetration)

  • doggie style (an all time favorite for men, and probably the reason why they started craving for some anal action in the first place; this position is "made" for anal penetration, it's inviting and overall really naughty and sexy)

  • the missionary (where would we be without this traditional position, which is perhaps the most intimate and comforting there is; it is great for anal sex because you're connected on all levels, skin wise, sight wise, etc. you get to see her reaction up close and she gets to enjoy your evident pleasure)

  • side by side (this is a good position for beginners, because it limits the penetration to some extent, and the fact that you're constantly hugging gives your partner the moral support that she needs to continue the act)

I am going to take these three positions and explain them to you in detail, showing you exactly what you need to be doing. Also, I've arranged a list of sexy but a tad more difficult variations for each one of them, so that you fully enjoy all the sets of pleasures that come together with each particular movement.


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