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  1. vern says:

    never been able to try it.

  2. smith says:

    i am thank to you Gbrial because of your trainin tat is so god for me

  3. jacob says:

    gabrielle moore is the doctor of love or the love doctor.

  4. sam says:

    i like this site anal knowledge whch very few know and agree

  5. Brion says:

    Hello Gabrielle Moore;

    As much as I had enjoyed you video(s) however, I do have a comment for you. Instead of wasting time in the begining of the video introduce yourself shortly and then get right into the topic. Then at the end you and promote your other Ebooks.

    Thanks for listing

  6. Dung says:


  7. ramin says:

    thanck you please send me video free

  8. gaboush says:

    i more enjoy with your adevice thanks

  9. jason says:


  10. jason says:


  11. stephen says:

    Gabriel its good content but i wish you would spend some time to do pictures rather than text and it goes for your books too. But stimulating non-theless.

  12. jack says:


    I have read about the anal sex and i love it but you know, it is not easy convincing my girldfriend for the anal sex. I also want to know how to last much longer while having intercourse.
    I have learned so much from you.

    Thank you so much

  13. john says:

    I have been want to find out what will make her want to have anal sex. I have never really wanted to persue this before, but she has expressedthat she wants me to massage her ass and have noticed that her sphinter muscle quivers and pulls .

  14. SexyZebaKnowsHow says:

    Hello Gabrielle, I have from my small days longed to have a real man in bed with me who can go down and sink his teeth deep into my pussy and eat me, because that where all a woman’s love and pleasure stems from, its because i cant get this i have become a recluse where i break into a relationship with men and dont stay with them but need them to understand a woman’s “inner most feelings”, i have never had someone eat me specially to lick my “clit” and rouse all the goodness of life.

  15. xsuv1 says:


  16. Griff says:

    Fantastic presentation ….as usual …no substance to the message other than teasing for their product.

  17. subrat says:


  18. Sudhakar Jadhav says:


  19. kugan says:

    love is true

  20. charles says:

    it is good

  21. zhaif says:

    I loge gabriele

  22. tony says:

    Thank you gabrielle know all i have 2 do is try it on my wife, see i love taking her from behind, but she tells me it hurts a bit, i thaurght it was because i am well hung, but this may not be the case your video may help thank you,tony.

  23. maxim.p. says:

    wow its amazing 2 hear about video showing anal sex pleasure,
    but where the video baby.
    its nothing in my mail such video.

  24. Brandon says:

    Please, don’t ever stop what you’re doing! I want to please my woman for the rest of our lives.

  25. Anthony Armstrong says:

    It’s my specialty

  26. LAMI says:

    You are just too god.Wishing to see u one on one.take care.

  27. paul kausa says:

    After receiving your masages i can enjoy real sex thankyou Gabriele

  28. John says:

    Hi Gabrielle!

    You really know what you are talking about! And this is true for all your programs. I can tell, because I’m one of the fortunate men, who didn’t need your help yet. In fact, I’m even trying to coach other men (and women) a little like you do. But unfortunately, most men tend to stay self-centered and therefore never experience a women really begging for sex.

    My most intense experience with anal sex (in the morning) was her complaint, that she was horny all day after and I wasn’t there…


  29. clay says:

    I love your messages and my wife truley enjoys anal as much as i do, its great when i tie her up face down on our be and massage her whole body and then slowly work on her ass,,,she opens wide for me to take her! one thing you didn’t mention was no anal then vaginal sex with out washing and or changing condoms!!!!!kisses

  30. GentleBen says:

    . . . A first impression after listening to this narrative video.
    Overall, it was very nicely developed. The ’7 lies’ and the ’3 elements’ for a positive performance were effectively and professionally done.
    – Even as just as far as it went a loving, trusting couple could indeed use it to have a wonderful experience.
    – Now the ‘but’ [pun intended]. But, and I believe Gabrielle will cover this to some degree in her publication, some technique to ease and enhance the experience.

    – When in the shower, first face her; hug, then caress first her back while shampooing with an aromatic oil, then those two mounds you love to look at; resist the temptation to massage that ‘third eye’. Then move behind; massage her front, including her arms and legs (but not between them). Kiss her cheeks and neck, whisper how beautiful she is and how much you love her. Place your erect (it is erect isn’t it) penis between her legs and stroke. Don’t, at any time, touch that special opening ! At least unconsciously, she will recognize your restraint; and her trust in you will grow.
    – At the third step, when you are in bed, have at least three quality comdoms plus an aroamatic, water based, lubricant in place.
    – Now this is critical ! And Gabrielle did not mention it ! When you are ready to first insert your finger into her back opening [and Gabrielle did mention this] have the finger lubricated. BUT, have it in a lubricated condom ! Be it for her psychological comfort [you'll of course tell her what you are doing], and for the critical hygiene need, the condom is essential.
    – Now, that it is inserted, you will be massaging her breasts, telling her how wonderful she is [she is wonderful isn't she ?]; you will now slip a second finger into the condom, and continue to do the massaging thrust. To end this introduction for her, you will remove your fingers, and as you do so, you will move from her on top of you [she IS on top of you, isn't she ?] to a ‘Spooning’ or similar position so you can now bring her to her climax with your hand for your combination ‘G-spot/clit’ orgasam that she now so desperatly wants.
    – Now for my favorite ‘Grand Entry’. As you cuddle with her, tell her, “My woman, I want you to stand up, bend over, kneel down, [you'll have pillows in place], spread you cheeks, and I’m now going to slide it in.” Notes: ‘slide’, it sounds gentle. Use a well lubricated condom ! It keeps the act clean, and when she raises up to her knees, she can give you ‘Head’ as an act of appreciation.
    – And now, on to order Gabrielle’s more complete version.
    ^ ^ ^

  31. domingo says:

    Hi Gabrielle I cannot convince my partner to have anal she is a nurse and looks at the serious side of anal sex

  32. Taryudoh says:


  33. ahmad says:

    thank you

  34. robert says:

    Good material should open some eyes. understand you selling product but your prelude is far to long, get to the point sooner.


  35. SALIABOY says:

    hi gabrielle

    ill try this tonyte

  36. Warren says:

    Will give it a try. Thank you, for the great instructions.

  37. ali says:

    we never try the back door sex but we will try to knock the back door and we will see if it is open or not after your good vido


  38. nazyen says:

    hmm.. may i know, how to keep anal in clean for sex..?

  39. Francis says:

    When I just got married I and my wife liked to try many styles, including anal sex. Yes, she enjoyed that. As for myself, I felt very nice, it was so tight, much more tighter than her vagina…
    Your video could not be opened, it was only a black box….

  40. Juile says:

    My hubby always insisted for anal but some how I never agreed upon. After this, He tried upon me onace again and he followed your guidelines. He successed and I have started enjoying this play. In fact, now I request & he performs. Really amazing…

  41. Angie says:

    Hi Gabrielle More,

    After reading about anus sex i really like it after reading the comment, it
    really make me very wet and stimulated
    even not having sex as yet.

    I,m craving for my husband to fuck me high.

    Thank You Gabrielle

  42. Pete says:

    Don’t be shy when it comes to giving your lover the pleasure she ask’s of you. Times you will find it is better to give than it is to receive. And that is even an understatement when I think of the pleasure exchanged in return . Build trust and there are few things she will not do for her man. Make her feel comfortable. I will assure steps are taken to avoid awkward situations. Take it slow. Wash and clean , perhaps an enema. Lick and probe with tongue and saliva. Small then bigger until SHE asks for more. Give her the control, it does no good to be macho here. I love anal and I get it because I make sure she is comfortable first. It’s called communication.

  43. Juma says:

    would like to learn more from you.

  44. faizy says:

    it was very good for me thanks alot

  45. garrymoore says:

    hi to all analpleasureforher.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    regards speak again soon
    garry m

  46. md4india says:

    Is it really fantastic ? I willl try my best. You please guide me.

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