Gabrielle Moore's MOST provocative & daring instructional manual to date...

"Anal Pleasure For Her:
How To Give Your Lover The Tightest And
Most Intense Sexual Experience Of Her Life!"

If Regular Sex Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore... Discover This Completely New Way To Stimulate & Satisfy Her Wildest Desires For Hot Sex!

From the desk of Gabrielle Moore
#1 best-selling author of "The Female Orgasm Revealed", "Double Her Desire",
"Hot Licks" (and way too many sex advice books to list here)

Dear Sweetheart,

This is not an easy letter for me to write.

You see, for the most part of my career as a straight-talking, provocative sexual advisor... I've been known to dish out some of the most frank and downright dirty advice about improving your sex life. I've pulled the curtain off some of the most taboo and little-known topics in modern day sex, such as liquid squirting female orgasms, tantric sex and even advanced foreplay techniques.

But nothing... nothing has ever come close to this FORBIDDEN topic I'm going to talk about today. In fact, I'm risking my entire professional career by being willing to openly teach this subject... but I decided to do it anyway for a few good reasons.

As you'll discover in a few moments, anal play is one of the most intense, sexually-charged experience you can give your lover. It's so special because only you can give it to her. No one puts in better than Dr. Alex Comfort in The Joy of Sex when he writes:

"Anal intercourse is something which nearly every couple tries once. A few stay with it usually because the woman finds that it gives her more intense feelings than the normal route and is pleasurably tight for the man."

- The Joy of Sex

Oh by the way, Dr. Alex Comfort wrote those words...

Back In 1972!

What? Wasn't the 1970s supposed to be a highly conservative age when it came to sexual fun? You mean there were people engaging in regular anal play even back then?

That's right... As you can see, anal play has come a LONG way. It isn't some recent, new-age sex act that has just been discovered. In fact, if you trace the origins of anal intercourse, you may be surprised to find that it reaches as far back as ancient Greece!

What do all of these have in common?

  • Greek ceramics

  • East Indian temple sculptures

  • Persian paintings

  • African carvings...

All Portrayed Anal Intercourse
In Its Various Forms!

Now that we know anal intercourse goes back a LONG, long way and it's not something we have "stumbled upon" just recently... it does make it much easier for us to talk about this subject. In fact, anal course has been receiving much attention in recent times because of the readily-available statistics surrounding this practice...

Consider these:

According to the Centers for Disease Control's National Survey of Family Growth, 38.2% of men (aged 20 to 39) and 32.6% of women (aged 18 to 44) frequently engage in straight anal sex. (That's right, they engage in anal play on a regular basis.)

In a survey conducted by Redbook magazine on 100,000 readers, 43% of women said they have tried it at least once. (What!?!? That's 4 out of every 10 women you know in your life!) 

Out of this number, 40% said they found it somewhat or very enjoyable!

All of these recent findings confirm the fact that...

Anal Sex Is More Common Than We Think!

As I'm writing this, you may be sitting there with a smile over your face. Because if these statistics are anything to go by... chances are you WOULD have tried (or fantasized about trying) anal sex with your lover.

Maybe you just didn't know the right way to try it...

Or perhaps you don't know how to bring it up to your lover, for fear she'll judge you and reject you...

Or maybe you tried it, but it wasn't as pleasant as you thought.

Whatever your reasons are, I'm going to teach you how to systematically overcome the objections to HOT anal play with your lover... and the BEST way you can perform it correctly on her.

Because here's the truth: Anal sex can be...

One Of The MOST Pleasurable Experiences
You Can Give To Your Lover!

I don't claim that lightly. First, consider the scientific fact that the anus is especially rich in nerve endings. Stimulating those nerve endings of your lover contributes to those pleasurable, orgasmic feelings during sex.

Next, The New Good Vibrations Guide To Sex writes that the anus also "engorges" the male sexual organ due to muscular tension and contraction. This means it provides incredible tightness for the male... something which most men crave for but can only dream about!

Scientific evidence aside, there is also the psychological element involved when a straight couple gets involved in anal play. The man is totally in control as he gets deep inside his lover FROM BEHIND... and the woman has to open herself fully and trust her partner is this intimate act!

With all these facts surrounding anal play, no wonder more couples are curious to try it! But there's often one major hurdle:

They Don't Know How To Prepare
And Ask For It...

Usually, the horror stories we hear about anal sex revolve around the guy trying it on his partner even before she is ready. Sometimes, the guy may even spring a surprise on her... causing things to get really messy (in a bad way). The result? Anal sex is given a bad label, shelved and never talked about again in the entire relationship.

Yes, anal pleasure is all about adequate preparation. Not just physical preparation but also mental preparation. In fact, if you can mentally warm your lover up to the idea of hot, lustful anal sex... then most of the work is already done! The key is to take things slowly and give it to her really BAD only after she's ready.

Are You Still Believing In These
Untrue LIES About Anal Sex?

If you haven't watched my video, "The 7 Biggest Lies About Anal Sex You Have Been Brainwashed To Believe"... please click here and watch it now. (Opens in a new window)

{Insert embedded video here}

It is very important that you WATCH the video before proceeding. I'm not here to decide for you whether anal sex is moral or acceptable between you and your lover. Only you can make the decision for yourself. I'm here to help you make that decision.

Be sure to watch the video first before reading the rest of this letter... You'll thank me for it!

Did you manage to watch the video? Good! Hopefully it clears up some of your long-standing inhibitions about anal sex. Maybe now you're convinced and a little more swayed now... but you still have absolutely no idea how to persuade your lover, girlfriend or wife to agree. What should you do?

Relax – Anal play is never about force. It's always about full consent between two loving parties. Here's a recap of the facts you need to educate your lover about anal intercourse...

Anal play can make your lover feel good – Since her anus contains a rich number of highly sensitive nerve endings... all of which are intensely stimulated during anal sex.

Anal play can feel pleasurably tight for you as well – The human anus contains a ring of strong sphincter muscles that contract and relax... providing a firm gripping sensation for your penis.

Anal sex is not dirty or messy if done correctly. It's not painful if you do the usual preparations and ease yourself into it. If it's painful instead of pleasurable... you're not doing it right! You do the same preparations for anal intercourse as you would with vaginal penetration... the basics are the same!

Since so many of my readers have been curious about straight anal play with no where to turn to... I couldn't possibly leave them in the lurch, could I?

Instead of letting everyone be carried away by all the misinformation and half-truths out there... I decided to create my own comprehensive course on this VERY subject!

Introducing Anal Pleasure For Her: An Erotic Guide
To Sensual Female Anal Sex!

Gabrielle Moore's most provocative and intense course... to date!

You'll LOVE my take on straight anal play in this no-holds barred course! Watch as I reveal each and every step you must take to convince your lover to agree to kinky anal sex with you... then join me as I guide you how to go DEEP inside her!

Make Anal Sex Rejections A Thing
Of The Past As You Both Learn How To
Truly Enjoy It!


The reason why anal sex feels so irresistibly taboo... as if beckoning you to give in to your curiosity and try it! (Page 13)

The real reason why I decided to author this course about having wild, no-holds barred anal sex... The reason will shock you! (Page 13)

EXPOSED: Gabrielle Moore's own personal experiences about dirty, taboo anal sex with her husband... and how I reacted to my virgin experience when I first tried it! (Thankfully for you, you don't have to make the same mistakes as I did...) (Page 14)

How anal intercourse may well be the missing piece in your sexual repertoire (If you have tried everything EXCEPT this... here's what you're missing out!) (Page 15)

Why the orgasm that your lover will get from anal intercourse is likely to be WAY MORE intense that anything she has ever experienced before! (Page 15)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

What to do if you feel uncomfortable... or resistive to a few of the anal sex techniques I teach (The key is NOT to force yourself!) (Page 15)

12 questions you need to ask yourself or go through with your lover before both of you engage in anal intercourse (This will clear up any of the misconceptions you have about the process and make things easier...) (Page 16 – 17)

The real reason why most people find anal sex to be something taboo... and the TRUTH about its role in your relationship (Page 18)

What religion REALLY says about anal intercourse... this will shock you! (Page 18)

The 7 deadly LIES about anal sex that are preventing you from trying it out and experiencing it with your lover (Please don't let ANY of these lies stop you!) (Page 19 – 20)

Lie #1 which your lover believes in... which may be her biggest stumbling block towards fulfilling your fantasy of anal play! (Page 19)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

The shocking truth about the link between anal sex and homosexuality... You'll find that there's NO LINK when you look at these numbers! (Page 20)

What Alfred Kinsey, the father figure of sex says about unnatural sex acts as it relates to anal sex. If you have always been hung up over this point, this clears things up. (Page 20)

What sex advice columnist Susan Bakos says about how much women enjoy anal sex... this revelation might shock you! (Page 20)

If you ever wanted to know "what makes a woman good in bed"... this is what Penthouse magazine founder has to say about it (Page 21)

The truth about whether women REALLY want oral sex... and what is stopping them in bed (Page 22)

The 7 mistakes guys make that prevent their lover from agreeing to anal intercourse... even though deep down inside, she may be craving for it BADLY! (Page 21 – 23)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

Why anal sex is NOT as straightforward as what you see in porn movies... and the right way to do it instead (Page 22)

Mistake #3 guys make which cause their lovers to be afraid of anal sex (They fail to do this one thing that can be easily done... in 5 minutes!) (Page 22)

One thing that is KEY... or one condition that has to be MET before you even go near her bottom (Page 23)

Why anal sex did not work out right the first few times you tried it with your lover... If you have experimented with anal sex before and it didn't feel as good as it should, maybe you're getting this wrong (Page 24)

The 2-step technique you must use to stimulate her mind & body... and sneakily TURN HER ON to the idea of anal sex... even before she has a chance to reject! (Page 24)

The very first thing you must do tonight to turn your lover onto anal erotism (Note: MOST women are so innocent they have never heard of this before... but they're going to love the feeling once you're inside them!) (Page 24)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

One major stumbling block women have towards trying out anal sex... They'll raise all kinds of OTHER objections when you suggest the idea, but DEEP DOWN INSIDE they are actually afraid of this (Page 25)

Why the trust factor is so important in anal sex... more so than any other sex position you have tried! (Page 25)

Is there any truth behind the saying, "Regular sex will make your day, but anal sex will make your whole week"? You'll find out on Page 25!

3 steps to stimulate your partner's body and desensitize her fear towards anal sex (You want to make sure you start slow and steady with these steps first...) (Page 25 – 26)

One sneaky technique to get your lover USED to the sensation of having a rear entry (Page 26)

Why understanding the anatomy of her anus is the key to intense, anal pleasure! Be sure you don't skip this part! (Page 27)

What you need to know about the 2 rings of muscles that can give you that incredible feeling of tightness during rough anal play! (Page 27)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

Why anal sex is not just about the anus sphincter muscles but also about this other group of muscles as well that contribute as much to the pleasure! (Page 27)

4 undetectable exercises your lover can do ANYWHERE... as a form of preparation for anal entry! You can do these exercises too for a hidden, added benefit! (Page 28)

Everything you wanted to know about how her backdoor functions but were too shy to ask! I explain everything to you in full, graphical glory! (Page 29)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

Your anal sex advanced preparation checklist – As I mentioned, PLEASE do not jump into this straight without being prepared. Here are a list of things you must do to ensure a pleasant experience for both parties! (Page 30)

How to deal with the hygiene issue during anal sex (This is a BIG issue... it might also be the ONLY issue stopping you from trying out anal play. So here's how to make sure hygiene is never a problem...) (Page 30)

Why you want to take the chance to give her a kinky butt shaving before anal play (Page 31)

The kinds of lubricant you should use for anal play (Page 32)

5 simple rules you MUST obey when using condoms together with anal sex... including the one golden rule you must obey every single time (Page 33)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

When you should absolutely, NEVER perform anal sex on your lover (This is so serious, it's not even funny!) (Page 34)

One thing you should never try on your lover when it comes to anal sex no matter how tempting it feels, or how excited you are (Page 34)

One thing you should never SKIP when having anal sex. Be sure to do this every time! (Page 34)

The one kind of cream you should NOT use when having anal sex... because of its potential health effects (Page 35)

6 telltale signs that you should NOT have anal intercourse with your lover – As I mentioned, anal play is not for everyone... so be sure to see if your lover is fully suitable for it... (Page 36)

How to use foreplay to sexually arouse your lover... and make her receptive to anal penetration later on (Page 37)

The 2 options you have during foreplay that will dissolve her resistance against anal sex... I show you which is the appropriate route you should take (Page 37)

How to be nice and easy when playing with your lover's butt (Page 38)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

How to go from nice and easy to naughty and HARD on your lover's butt cheeks! PLEASE... try this erotic technique for yourself to see if she's warmed up to the idea of anal sex! (Page 38)

One mood detector test you can use on your lover, to see if she is ready for butt-play (This test does NOT involve the use of ANY words... just ONE SINGLE action!) (Page 38)

Why it is important to pamper your lover with a luxurious, buttocks massage to loosen her up before moving on to the real thing (Page 38)

5 scent tricks you can do to trigger feelings of sexual arousal in your lover! (Page 39)

The 3 types of strokes you should be applying to your lover's buttocks... that are bound to relax and melt those sexual barriers fully.. not to mention open her up! (Page 39)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

Why you should NOT neglect other parts of her body while you are fully focused on giving her a butt workout! (Page 40)

Should you get your lover to orgasm before engaging in some anal action? Find out on Page 40.

What to do if your lover is tired of the same old butt caressing routine... and you want to try something different that lights those sparks within her (Page 41)

How hard should you slap your lover's butt during foreplay? (Page 41)

Why anal masturbation is an important form of lead-in to the main act of anal sex (If your lover is not comfortable with the idea of you entering her outright... then get her to do this to herself first!) (Page 42)

How to help your lover discover her own body before you engage in anal play (Page 42)

My step-by-step guide to anal masturbation for your lover... including what you should do at each stage to help her get used to the sensations (Page 43)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

How to mutually anal masturbate to bring things to even HOTTER levels in the bedroom (Do this if you're comfortable!) (Page 44)

5 things that must be present for a comfortable, anal self-play session (Page 45)

One thing you MUST not do when engaging in anal self-play with your lover (Page 45)

The art of analingus or "rimming" revealed! How to stimulate your lover's ass with nothing but your tongue! (Page 46)

How to ensure that all hygiene requirements are met during "rimming" (Page 46)

The 6-step procedure to stimulate your lover's anus with your mouth and tongue! (Page 47)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

How to use some ice to magically increase the level of hotness when stimulating your lover orally! --- It's NOT that old ice trick! (Page 47)

What to do if your lover is NOT ready for anal sex yet... and you want to get her used to the motion. This is something you can do right away... starting tonight! No advanced preparation needed. (Page 47)

6 steps to fingering your lover's anus to loosen her up and prepare her for anal penetration (Page 48)

6 game rules both parties must obey when engaging in anal intercourse --- If either party cannot commit to them, it's better that you not try! (Page 49 – 50)

THE JUICY PART: The 3-step method to get inside your lover's ass, stay there and give her some good, hard thrusting! (Page 50)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

Why you should NOT go the full length all at once... Instead, this is what you should do at first (Page 50)

Follow this guideline to know how deep to go... when you're inside her for the first time (Page 50)

What to do after the tip of your penis is inside her... (Page 50)

The art of double penetration during anal sex revealed (Page 51)

What an anal orgasm really is... and whether it is possible for your lover to achieve one (Page 51)

How to indirectly stimulate your lover's G-spot when you're inside her... from the rear! (Note: Most women don't even know this CAN be done... so you're really gearing her up for some immense explicit pleasure that can cause her to swear in pleasure!) (Page 51)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

The 3 sources of pleasure during anal sex (It's not just her nerve endings that are being stimulated... It's ALL 3 OF THESE parts, at once!) (Page 51)

My 10-step method for moving from anal teasing and light play to full blown anal penetration, or even double penetration and beyond! (Page 51 – 52)

How diet contributes to your pleasures during anal sex (Page 52)

Real women reveal their deepest confessions and experiences about anal sex! (Page 53)

Mind-blowing anal sex positions you should try with your lover... once she's totally warmed up to the idea of anal play! (Page 53)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

4 beginner positions for bed-shaking anal sex that can gently ease both of you into the routine and provide maximum pleasure – See as I illustrate each of these sexual positions for maximum penetration! (Page 54)

One sex position that lets your girl be on top during anal sex... and thus lets her be IN CONTROL --- This is especially useful if she is still struggling with trust issues during anal sex (Page 54)

What you should do when your lover is ON TOP of you while you are inside her... This is an additional kinky move you can try on her (Page 55)

How to turn a normal chair into a formidable sex toy for anal play! (Page 56)

One highly-charged sex position that literally fuses and bonds both your bodies together as you are right inside of her... This is a GREAT way to end things! (Page 57)

This beastly technique that will unease the sexual animal within her... and you! (Page 58)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

How to play to her submissive fantasies in this ultimate, dominating sexual position for the guy! (Page 59)

How to have hot and wet anal sex right in the bathtub... with help from running warm water! (Page 60)

How to easily adopt the familiar missionary sex position so it can be used for anal penetration (Page 62)

One erotic love-making technique that ensures closeness and intimacy... while giving her the full length of you! (Page 64)

What you should do right after anal sex... to ensure your chances of getting to enjoy it the next time round! (Page 68)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

4 things to try immediately after her virgin anal sex experience... and what you should not do that can hurt her feelings! (Page 68-69)

What to say to your lover right after sex – I reveal this sexy little joke that can immediately relieve the tension or awkwardness in the bedroom after you're done (Page 69)

How you can turn one round of pleasurable anal sex into multiple rounds... (Page 69)

3 telltale signs that you've blown your lover away during your earlier anal play session (You don't even have to ask her whether it felt good... you can tell just from observing these!) (Page 70)

For advanced students only – How to use sex toys to double her anal pleasure (Page 71)

10 reasons why you should use sex toys to enhance your anal play experience (Page 71)

The #1 rule that helps you choose a suitable toy for anal play – If you have always been wowed by the range of toys available, this is the question you should ask. (Page 72)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

Everything you need to know about butt plugs, anal beads, dildos and vibrators to use on her behind besides your own tool! (Page 73-75)

How to clean and properly store your sex toys after every use (Page 76)

The myth that vibrators disturb the sensitive skin in the anus... Is it true? (Page 76)

How to bring your anal play to a whole new level by throwing in some bondage fun! But wait, you must do it right... (Page 77)

4 myths about bondage that may be preventing you from trying it out (If you ever thought that bondage is too violent or perverse... you're doing it wrong!) (Page 78)

What you should know about anal fisting... You may never get to try this, but if you're extra adventurous... (Page 82)

The shocking truth about how anal sex contributes to rectum health, as revealed in The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (Page 84)

Health tips and pointers to look out for when trying anal sex with your lover (Page 85)

Anal sex & sexual health: Learn the signs to look out for before engaging in anal sex with your lover... to see if she has the following health issues! (Page 86)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me all I need to know to
experience the forbidden pleasures of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

And much, much more!


Who Is Gabrielle Moore & How Can She Help You Have Better Sex?

Gabrielle Moore is the trusted sexual advisor to thousands of couples worldwide. More than three hundred and fifty-thousand (that's 350,000) men have read and benefited from her books, courses, articles and regular sex advice.

Happily married to a loving husband, Gabrielle is the author of way too many sex advice books and courses to list here, including "Turn Her On Faster" (on advanced foreplay techniques), "The Female Orgasm Revealed", "Hot Licks" (on female oral sex), "Double Her Desire", "Erotic Massage For Better Sex" and many many more.

A recognized authority on real-world sex techniques (none of that academic theory stuff) from an honest female perspective, Gabrielle's sex advice has been featured in publications such as Men's Fitness magazine... read by over 8 million readers worldwide!

Gabrielle continues to delight new readers with her advice and has a growing collection of glowing testimonial letters – over 4,000+ to date!

Anal Pleasure For Her Can Be The Most
Surprising Spark In Your Sex Life This Year!

Let's face it. It isn't everyday that you get to come across a course as provocative, daring and complete as Anal Pleasure For Her. This is my first full-length course that dives deep into the valleys of anal fun for a straight couple... and teaches you how to overcome all objections that may be involved.

There are 3 reasons why anal sex can be a blessing to your sex life... 

3 Reasons Why Anal Sex Can Cause
A Sexual Revolution In Your Bedroom

If you have been together with your lover for a while, the usual same old sex routines may be boring. Things may not as intense for her now... especially if she's not as tight as before! Anal sex is a completely new way for you to stimulate her from the inside out... with that level of tightness you crave for yourself!

Most men & women fantasize about having anal sex. For men, it's because the position allows them to be entirely in control. For women, it allows them to give in and surrender to their partners fully. Why not add a new trick up your sleeves?

Anal sex (when done right) allows you to indirectly stimulate the G-spot and bring her to that rousing G-spot orgasm! If sex the conventional way just doesn't make her come... maybe this will have her throbbing uncontrollably in pleasure!

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please teach me
all I need to know to experience the forbidden pleasures
of anal play with my lover... starting tonight!

Since I'm a happily married woman who was once dissatisfied with my sex life, one thing I'm especially familiar with is...

Female Sexual Psychology!

In other words --- no more guessing what goes on inside your lover's head. Why guess and stumble around... when you can have me as your coach, and have me tell you exactly what your lover thinks?

When it comes to experiencing anal sex as a couple, the same applies. Since I've been there and done that, I know the most common objections (including those she may not be willing to reveal) she may have for refusing to indulge in anal play with you.

If you follow my instructions to the letter, then you're well on your way to intense sexual pleasures as these students of mine have discovered:

"We Tried Anal And She Actually Enjoys It!"

"My wife and I never talked about sex and how to please the other... We shared Gabrielle's advice with each other, looked forward to the next email.

Our love making EXPLODED after a few weeks. I performed better oral, she performed oral. We tried anal and she actually enjoys it, me not so much, but I'm willing when she wants it.. and that's the point.. we communicate so much now. We please each other, we give a little and take all.. isn't that what love in lovers is about? Thank you so much Gabrielle."

"Nothing Like Feeling Her Shudder!"

"I've been married for more than twenty years and it's been a long time since I have tried to actually learn something new sexually. What I have known about myself for a long time is that I absolutely love making my partner cum.

Gabrielle, your tips and advice give me the technical skill and know-how to constantly improve. Like I said there is nothing like feeling her shudder and hearing her sing out in orgasm!"

"An Amusing True Story... With A Happy Ending!"

"After 23 years of marriage, I saw my wife grew unhappy with our sex life. One day she told my in an upset tone that I never cared if she ever had an orgasm or not.

My thoughts scanned through our 23 years of sex life in the marriage and remembered her screams. So it was time to find out more about woman’s ACTUAL orgasm and how could I find the remedy.

I was out of the country for 3 weeks when I started reading Gabrielle's tips. When came home it was a brand new start and I was amazed on how she came over and over again.

She told me that she really love what she feels during lovemaking and asked me why I kept this ability of mine from her her all these years. I told her that Gabrielle fine tuned me while I was abroad. Immediately she got mad and said she wanted to kill me and Gabrielle! I showed her all the emails and e-book from Gabrielle to bring her back to her senses. We thank you Gabrielle."

--- Hari, Malaysia


"I particularly like the honesty and truth found in Gabrielle's advice. It's refreshing! Several times she's confirmed what I thought and other times she's presented ideas I had no idea existed. I'll bet all my past lovers wish I knew then what I know now - Thanks, Gabby!"

--- J. Jacobs, East Helena, MT

"Elevate Our Sexual Encounters To
Whole New Levels!"

"Thank you, Gabrielle, the tips you have provided have helped me elevate our sexual encounters to whole new levels! We can't wait to see each other every day and try all SORTS of new things now! Please help us think of anything regarding more variety, such as new and fun places, that's a BIG hit with us!"

Many Thanks, 
--- Mike in Houston

"My Girlfriend Thinks I’m Having An Affair!"

"Gabrielle's tips are so good my girlfriend thinks I am having an affair when I try new things... this really heats things up in the bedroom. Thanks Gabrielle!"

--- Cris, Cape Town, South Africa

"Never Taught What A Sex Life Could Really Be... Until..."

"As a teenager, I was taught what sex was and lived by the teachings of it being dirty, private, not to be discussed, thinking I knew what having sex was to be I followed my teachings.

Now that I am a Senior Citizen, I realize I did what I was taught in my sex life, but I wasn't taught what a sex life could really be.

I am single and would love to help others to know and understand the "awesomeness" of what sex "really" can be when we let go of what we know about sex and love and look at other possibilities.

Your books opened my eyes, my heart, my mind to what is really possible for our pleasure in our sex lives. Thank you for your efforts in educating us."

--- Dottiedee, Topeka

"My Wife Cannot Get Enough!"

"With your aid and tips my sex life with my wife has changed from a boring once a fortnight to an at least daily occurrence. I at time feels that my wife cannot get enough and I have to start improvising new way to keep the fire going. Thank you. Thanks to you I am now getting more than I did on my honeymoon. By the way this year i have been married for 20 years!"

"VERY Pleasing Results!"

"I have applied Gabrielle's advice &techniques and the results have been very, very PLEASING to both me and my wife!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

--- GTLonewolf, Raywick

"Opened Up A Whole New World!"

"I really enjoy and appreciate Gabrielle Moore's tips and advice. She has opened up a whole new world to me about sexuality and being a better lover!"

--- Robert, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"Allowed Me To Open Up Sexually!"

"Gabby's advice has allowed me to open up sexually more with my wife. She has pointed me in different directions that I had thought about but never really tried. I am glad because it has enriched the relationship my wife and I currently enjoy. Thank you so much Gabby!"

--- Ted LaClair, Newark

"Explored More Than Before!"

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Gabrielle Moore