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* Sources: According to the National Survey For Family Growth survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control in 2002.



Anal Mythology.
Break the taboos.

Anal sex is a handful. There are people defending it and people denying it with all their might. Some say it’s sinful; some praise its lust power and intensity. The contradictions usually come from all the myths that surround this erotic technique.


The 10 rules you should never overlook when having anal sex

Anal sex is good sex only if you do it right, and you’re doing it right only by listening to your body and obeying the rules. Otherwise you’re walking in a minefield of possible complications, both health and mind wise.


Anal orgasm

The anal orgasm is, as you’ve already figured out, an orgasm brought on by anal stimulation, such as from an inserted finger, penis, or sex toy. All women are able to achieve it, but only a few have the luck to actually experience it.



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